Dr. Claudine Dumais has a Bachelor of Arts, Specialization in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University, a Master of Arts in Education from San Diego State University, and a Doctor of Education from Pepperdine University.


Early Childhood Education Specialist

Dr. Claudine Dumais was a preschool teacher for 3 years and an early childhood education teacher for 6 years. She has been an instructor teaching Early Childhood Education courses at the college level since 2017.

Dr. Dumais worked for school districts as the Even Start Family Literacy Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Cal-SAFE Teen Parent Program Coordinator, overseeing the state and Title I district preschools, infant and toddler programs, the Transitional Kindergarten programs and parent education programs. She licensed and opened four new income-based (free preschool for low income families) classrooms. Dr. Dumais also licensed and opened a new program that included 8 new fee-based classrooms with the goal of mainstreaming special needs preschool aged children. Furthermore, she was responsible for the NAEYC accreditation process at her preschool center and successfully re-accredited the NAEYC preschool program. Dr. Dumais has written and received numerous grants.


Dr. Dumais has presented numerous times at the Professional Association for Childhood Education (PACE) conference, the California Child Development Administrator CCDAA conference and the Orange County Association for the Education of Young Children (OCAEYC) conference.
Dr. Dumais served on a Pepperdine University Dissertation Committee to review the research for a doctoral student. The student's dissertation was entitled Social-Emotional Developmental in Early Childhood as it Relates to Children’s Early Learning Experiences and Family Development in San Diego County Children From Birth Through age 5.